Paquita Tango

Social and friendly meeting of dancers in “closed abrazo” (called milonguero dancer), traditional music, free seating, balance between leaders and followers, plus an additional 8% for true double roles and dancers without a partner.

As with our previous encuentros, this will be an event reserved for milonguero dancers respecting the ronda, inviting by mirada / cabeceo and following the codigos of the milonga. But Paquita is not only an “encuentro” but also a festive and joyful gathering to celebrate the new year. So don't forget your crazy hats and fun or colorful outfits, your dances, your enthusiasm, your laughter... We can't wait to share these beautiful moments with you!!

Salle des Fêtes - 1 Rue des Halles,
57400 Sarrebourg / France