Social and friendly meeting  of about 150 close embrace lovers dancers who respect the milonga codes on and off the dance floor : invitation by mirada and cabecéo, changing of partners after each tanda, respect for the lines of dance while dancing in the ronda, entering on to the dance floor in a correct way…

Program to be confirmed:

Wednesday 29 December : (Salle des Fêtes)

• 20h30 Welcome / check in (hugs, abbraccios!)

• 21h30 – 1h00 « Openning  Milonga » DJ Luigi Grieco (I)

Thursday 30 December : (Salle des Fêtes)

• 14h30 – 18h30 « afternoon Milonga » DJ Wolfgang Weuste (Ge)

• 21h00 – 2h00  « Happy Milonga » DJ Karin Betz (Ge)

 « Funny hats, Crazy hair »

«  Drôles de chapeaux, Cheveux en folie »

« Cappelli buffi, Pettinature pazze » 

Friday 31 December: (Salle des Fêtes)

• 14h30-18h30 « Afternoon Milonga » DJ LalieTango (Fr)

=> 19h00 Dinner / Buffet (Restaurant centre socioculturel)

• 22h30 – 4h30 « Party Night Milonga New Year’s Eve » : DUO DJs Christine and Torsten (Ge)

MIDNIGHT : Bubbly, disco,YMCA, chacarera….fiesta and « auberge espagnole » : As in previous years, participants could bring a good bottle, a small culinary specialty (from their region or personal,) In order to make it discover, and share good times together to celebrate this new year !!

Be careful, please no food to warm up or complicated to eat … no plates no cutlery …

Saturday 1st January : (Restaurant Royal d’Or)

• 17h – 23h  « Despedida milonga » (with asiatic buffet)

DJs to confirm

Paquita New Year 2021 !