Buffet December 31, 2021

Grandmother’s spoon in Beaujolais jelly The traditional riesling pâté en croûte Assortment of cold meats The cured ham chiffonade Roast veal with herbs The Lorrain spindle Hard egg Salmon in good view, chiffonade of smoked salmon Mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard Camembert cheese portion Butter Vegetables : Potato salads Carrots, celery, tabbouleh Chenonceau (avocados, pineapple, tomatoes, corn) … Read moreBuffet December 31, 2021


Social and friendly meeting  of about 150 close embrace lovers dancers who respect the milonga codes on and off the dance floor : invitation by mirada and cabecéo, changing of partners after each tanda, respect for the lines of dance while dancing in the ronda, entering on to the dance floor in a correct way… … Read moreProgram

Paquita New Year 2021 !