All the Milongas and 2 buffet / meals are held in the same place « salle des fêtes » 

Saturday 28 December: 

Welcome drink offered by the Town Hall.

• 20h30 Welcome / check in

• 21h30-1h30 Milonga DJ Nick King (GB)


Sunday 29 December: 

• 14h30-18h30 Milonga DJ Wolfgang Weurste (Ge)

• 22h00-2h00 Milonga DJ  Irma Gross (Swiss)

Monday 30 December: 

• 14h30-18h30 Milonga DJ Lynn Collins (GB/Fr)

>>>>>> everybody have to go out of the ballroom during 15 minutes

 => 19h00 Dinner / Buffet for all (Salle des Fêtes = Same place!)

• 22h30-3h00  Theme party Milonga,  DJ Aurélien Niort (Fr)
Evening Headcovers in Madness! 

- A hat, a handmade headdress? original, funny, elegant, ugly, unexpected ... 

- A special crazy hairstyle? personal, surprising .... 

Imagine, create, get started, surprise us!


Thuesday 31 December:  
• 14h30-18h30 Milonga DJ  Pierre Doussot (Fr)

>>>>>> everybody have to go out of the ballroom during 15 minutes 

=> 19h00 Dinner / Buffet for all (Salle des Fêtes = Same place!)

• 22h30-4h30  Grande Milonga New Year's Eve : DUO DJs : Christine Torsten (Germany)
 MIDNIGHT :  Bubbly, disco,YMCA, chacarera….fiesta  (maximum 1 hour)
and « auberge espagnole » : As in previous years, participants could bring a good bottle, a small culinary specialty from their region or personal, In order to make it discover, and share good times together to celebrate this new year !!

Be careful, please no food to warm up or complicated to eat ... no plates no cutlery ...

The tango pass (145€) includes:
- 7 milongas,
- an free open bar (soft drinks…) 

- bubbles at midnight on December 31st.

- 2 buffets evening meals (30th and 31th)

the tango pass doesn’t include

- classic bar (alcoholic beverage to pay)